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Yangzhou Yaxing Motor Coach Co.,Ltd, located in yangzhou, a well-known beautiful city with historical and cultural heritage, is one of the new and high-tech enterprise of "National Torch Program". It is a limited company established by the largest bus manufacture enterprise in China, Jiangsu Yaxing Motor Coach Group. It successfully issued 60 million "A" stocks in Shanghai Stock Exchange in 1999 and became one of the few listing companies in bus manufacturing sector in China.

Yangzhou Yaxing Motor Coach Co.,Ltd has a total fixed assets of 1234 billion RMB, employees of more than 2000, including more than 400 technical specialists of different major and an area of 815,000 square meters, consisting of touring bus factory, special vehicle factory , chassis company , Ziyang Yaxing Motor Coach, seat factory, sales company. It's products of "yaxing" and "yangzi" range from large type. It's main economic figures such as volume of production and sales rank first in bus manufacturing sector in China. It produced and sold more than 6000 buses with an income of 798 million RMB in 2003.

Through technical innovation, Yangzhou Yaxing Motor Coach Co.,Ltd, steadily improves its capability of product developing and quality of products, raises the technical level and further sharpends the edges of competitiveness of products.

The company is equipped with a full set of assembly line,i.e., welding line, coating line, final assembly line, casting sand treatment line, shower test and performance test line etc. Its subordinate chassis works has the front and rear axles assembly line, 3-classchassis assembly line and 3-class chassis test line. The company always pays ample attention to the technical innovation and advancement, and attaches great importance to the scientification and standardization of management. CAD,CAM and CAE systems have all along been widely applied in the company.

History:1950s, Military machinery plant in Jiangxi.
1960s, Yangzhou Automobile Repair and Manufacture Factory, specialized in vehicle repair, gear and truck manufacture.
1979, Changed to the production of buses, Jiangsu Yangzhou Bus General Manufacturer Plant was founded.
1996, Jiangsu Yaxing Motor Coach Group Co., Ltd was founded; it is the biggest bus company in China.
1997, Yaxing-Benz Limited was founded; it is a joint venture between Yaxing Group and Daimler-Benz, consisting of a 50% share-hold for each.
1998, Yangzhou Yaxing Motor Coach Co., Ltd was founded by the main initiator- Jiangsu Yaxing Motor Coach Group Ltd with the approval of the Jiangsu government.
Yangzhou Yaxing Motor Coach Co., Ltd issued 60 million A stocks in Shanghai Security Exchange, entering the Chinese stock market successfully and has become one of a few companies in the national bus industry listed on the Shanghai Security Exchange.
2006, Mercedes-Benz transferred its share to Yaxing Motor Coach Group, Yaxing Benz is renamed Yangzhou Yaxing Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd.2007, Jiangsu Yaxing Motor Coach Group Ltd was renamed Jiangsu Yaxing Automobile Group Ltd. Called Yaxing Automobile Group for short.
2007, Yaxing Automobile Group reorganized the bus division of Yaxing, transferring the core business of buses from Yaxing Commercial Vehicle Ltd. to Yaxing Motor Coach Co., Ltd; resulting in a renewed company.
Total capital assets:Registered capital: 220 million RMB, total capital assets 2.4 billion RMB, a sole state-owned securities group company, Employees:2, 500 Area:1.2 million square meters. Product:Buses.
Technology:Systems from Benz: Product research & development, production management, quality control, technical and after-sales service, spare parts.Product technology from Benz: Modularized construction, FEA, integral wire harness.

Products line:

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In the beginning of the year 2014, five brand new double-decker buses of Asiastar arrived in TANJUNG PRIOK in Djakarta. As the capital of Indonesia, Djakarta warmly welcome the five buses, which has become a special scenery line in Indonesia, and drives the increase of foreign tourists.
Last year, Djakarta has received 2.3 million foreign tourists, which has an increase of 8% than that of 2012, but still has a large gap with the tourism target proposed by Joko Widodo of 5 million per year, so the government of Indonesia made a decision to purchase double-decker buses in China to attract more tourists.
‘We thank God that Djakarta finally has her own sightseeing buses, and we hope that the double-decker in Djakarta has more new staff comparing to that of other cities, and Djakarta to become more attractive.’ Says Arie Budhiman when double-decker buses arrived in TANJUNG PRIOK.

The Djakarta government had a special press conference to welcome double-decker bus of Asiastar, which became the hot news in Indonesia. Joko Widodo, the governor of state said that the double-decker bus in Djakarta is better than that in London, and the arrival of double-decker bus of Asiastar adds more charm in Djakarta.
The double-decker of Asiastar adopts European modelling of Wertstar, which is fluent and allows more space in the bus. In the design, it has a wider inner-swing door and emergency exit to assure that the passengers can have a quick passage and escape from the bus in emergency.
The double-decker bus of Asiastar adopts Weichai WP10 series engine, which has slow speed of revolution, large torque and full MAP noise optimization. The large-space engine compartment design can enlarge the service clearance and decrease its cost. Asiastar makes the best of the resource superiority of Weichai Group, using Hande low-floor front axle and driving rear axle to achieve the optimum matching of power system.
The body frame adopts U-style monocoque body structure and advanced lightweight design plan, which greatly lower the height of center of gravity and increase the body strength and safety in the turn. Considering the weather in South-East Asia, Asiastar uses import and exclusively agented high strength sheradizing square steel, which has differentiation competitive advantage, and greatly increase the antiseptic property. The usage of high strength composite(HSC) can enhance the body strength, ensure the antiseptic property, lower the weight greatly, and double guarantee the safety and economy.

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