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Yet another case of Chinese auto piracy

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Neoplan Starliner(Germany)

Zonda A9(China)
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hazik said:
usa supports the worst human rights abuser in the world. usa supports and keeps in power the govt. of Saudi Arabia. In saudi arabia people who steal get their hand chopped off with a clever. anyone who say anything bad about saudi govt. gets their head chopped off with sword. US military is in saudi arabia to protect saudi govt, and make sure saudi arabia never have democracy only king rule saudi like monarchy.
Yeah, but we got the nukes, baby....

USA - Where everyone on the planet wants to live, and they hate us because they can't.
Real_I_Hate_China said:
No, they did not. Only Chinese pirates.

There is no developed nation with a weak legal enforcement and moral corruption. Which will tell you that China won't become a developed nation.

Economically large, yes. But GDP/Capita will remain well below that of developed nations.
Duh - Uh, everyone? Anyone ever hear the difference between a democracy and a communist state? No country becomes a "developed nation" under communism. They build what they are told, they sell it for what they are told. You cannot compete in a capatilistic manner when you simply don't comprehend what capatilism means.

They build copies because that is what they are told to build. They don't develop new, create, invent, etc., because they get paid the same regardless. What is the motivation? I build the same old thing, I get paid X yen. I work my brains out, create a better mouse trap, and I make exactly the same thing. There is no motivation.

Not China bashing. Love China. Women are beautiful. More culture than most other countries combined. But world power? Uh, no. Not as long as they have thier current government.

Should they become democratic / capatilistic? Then watch out, because they will set the world on fire.
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edge said:
Just let him have his football, beer and porn, that's all these white trash are good for.
Football, beer, porn, and gobs of money to buy these Chinese cars you are talking about.

Come back to the real world, not the "USA Today" condensed version. Oh, and yeah, I did vote for Bush. Both of them. Hate what is going on in Iraq too, does that make me a hypocrite?

My mom always said, when she wasn't drinking beer & watching porn, that is, that once someone resorts to a name calling tirade, you've already won.

Pass the pretzels, please...
Ah, hell, I drink imported beer, that makes me a hypocrite too?
edge said:
No, people don't hate the US because it's rich. People hate the US because it is a hypocrite that calls itself a champion for human rights, while it violates human rights from Iraq to Palestine.

If the US stopped oppressing and violating other countries, people would love the US. You are a typical ignorant American moron.
Iraq & Palestine? And you are calling me a moron?

Name one, just one, country that the US has "oppressed" in the last 50 years. Don't say we directly oppress a palastinian stae - we don't - we keep Isreal from being "oppressed". Iraq? Please..... Sadam Hussain was a vile, brutal dictator we removed to help the Iraquis. Only reason we are still there is because all of the Iraq people now plan on killing each other & we are trying to keep that from happening. We got rid of the head dictator, now everyone wants to be the dictator. If it were up to me, I'd leave & let them all shoot each other, but we have higher standards than that here in the US of A.

Watch a beer & pass the porn please....
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