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Yet another case of Chinese auto piracy

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WuzhengNA said:
Why WOULD chinese automakers design thier own vehicles?
well their so called COPIED cars are doing well in china , heck they are doing great in third world countries as well , I've asked zillions of people who bought a very popular chery model here , the Chery A11 / Windcloud ( Seat Toledo 94 I believe , chery claims it bought the blue prints outta some mexican factory , I dont know the case )

This was part of a Survey I was doing for a local car magazine , I asked the 13 people who bought the Chery A11 ( And has been with them for over 12 months now )

The following

Q1 .Did you know before you buy your car , that this particular model is a Replica/Legal Replica ( undecided ) of a Seat Toledo 94 ?

2 of the 14 Knew , 2 Never even saw the 1994 Toledo , and the rest do know the Toledo but they didn't note the difference until someone suggested .

after this question , 4 of them actually felt happy knowing their car is based on a STRONG ( quoted from them ) car as the Seat Toledo !

Q2 . What was the reason beyond this purchase of a new untested , unknown Brand ?

5 out of thirteen went for the Price / Features ( this is one of the very very few cars that has 2 airbags / abs with ebd systems installed - it costs arround $10,000 here ) .

the others stated that they thought the car MATERIALS especially the outer body stronger than most other Hyundais , Daewoos and Kias .

Q3 . Is this your first car ?

2 of 13 were first buyers , infact they were only 24 years old .
3 Owned A 1999 Daewoo Lanos ( Still being assembled here btw ) and they actualy hated it .

1 Owned a Subaru Impreza .
2 1996 Toyota Corollas
the rest had Fiats and Excels .

Apparently people here are not very well educated about Car Markets and Car Brands , what sells for them is a good combination of features / value and warranty ( Chery sells here with a 3 years - 60,000 kM - just like Hyundai and toyota here ) .

So For third world countries , I don't see a reason why Chinese need original designs , but I must add that
the Latest cherys offering the Chery A5 , which is I think is their Original design along with their Original Engine .. is selling very very good here .

Branded as a new Speranza A516 with a 1.6 ACTECO Engine producing 117HP at 5,500 RPM ( Elantras and Corolas are also offered with a 1.6 engine )
with Front Airbags - ABS .- ebd - Some nice nifty features that are not even OPTIONAL in the Japanese and Korean brand and it sells for almost 50% less ( $11,500 ) - the cheapest Corolla here is for $17 - Elantra 1.6 $15 .

Please excuse my English / Grammar mistakes ,I hoped I helped deliver a picture from our side here .
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Thanks Dragin

Apparently Mr. WUZHENG didn't notice the post :D

Anyways , I find it rather strange that SEAT & FIAT never went to the US ? I mean SEAT has some really good count-on cars , like the Toledo / Ibiza / Cordoba / Altea , and if I am not wrong , I Think they are built on VW chasis and Egnines .

Fiat on the other hand , may have been doing bad lately but still they are the best Hatchbacks / Small cars maker in History ( I own one :p ).
If that's true .. well if China puts its head to Genetic Clonning .... my friend , we will have dozens of BUSHes , Clintons and You apparently !

That would be a very Funny era to live in , altho sad ... but funny ... sad. . Whatever :p
LOL , I am an Arab , I know exactly what the US is doing for Israel , its so obvious , even you idiot should understand .

ANYONE , ANYONE tries to condemn Israel , or File A Report / Complain / Decision !

Miss Hot Condoleezza Rice announces that they are not ALLIES or FRIENDS with the US .

Then the US uses VETO to STOP ANY TRY or THOUGHT of condemning any israeli crime wars !

Then comes a kid who blows himself up , BUSH stops any meeting saying " The Palestinians should stop the forces of evil , terror if they want to seek peace "

If Israel bombed a compelte village , killing dozens of ppl for no particular reason at all , BUSH " I understand that Israel has the right to defend itself " .

LOL , seriously If your president that you vote for UNDER DECMOCRACY is that Stupid , that Ignorant , that FUCKED UP , no wonder what the rest of your nation will be .

Good luck , each 1 second there's like 1000 more ppl ready to do 9/11 all over again .. and feel good about it .

Hate you say , lol , hate is just the begining .
Nuke who ever hates you , maybe that the new strategy :D
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option 3 :

and a serious warning to ppl ALWAYS linking chinese cars with chinese politics !!

The next time I will go buy a new car , I will stuy the history of its Nation and the Politics going around !
wtf !
You're boring
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