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Yet another case of Chinese auto piracy

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^^ Honestly, I think you need to get a life. You actually wasted time doing that shit?

What do you think you can actually accomplish? NOTHING. And besides, copying other cars has been a proven method for developing countries to catch up to developed ones. Japan did it, Korea did it. When China's car industry gets more developed, it will move on. I think it already is starting to.
Stupid hypocritical idiots. The only reasons why piracy thrives in China is because of weak legal enforcement and a lower level of development. It has nothing to do with morality.

The West is HARDLY a moral crusader. If you want to talk about China's business in Africa, at least China is not the one that has committed human rights abuses in Africa. The West CONTINUES to do business with human rights abusers in Africa, but it is pissed when China does business with the ones that the WEST does not like. For example, the US and Britain are pissed that China supports Mugabe. What is the difference between Mugabe and all of the rest of the corrupt dictators in Africa? Mugabe seized the lands of the White farmers who stole the best land from the Africans in the first place. Excuse me if I don't have any tears to shed for White imperialists who grow fat on stolen African land while the rest of Africa continues to suffer. The West is the historic oppressor and enslaver of Africa. No one can compare the amount of cruelty and inhumanity that has been committed upon Africa as the West has. When it comes to China and African relations, China doesn't force Africa to do anything. I think the West needs to just SHUT UP and recognize that they are the most hypocritical liars on the face of the earth.

Give your moral crusade a break, you hypocrites make me sick.

As China is getting more developed, Chinese companies will build up their own brands and move away from copying others. And it's already happening NOW. China is already heading towards the development levels of the West, so shut up already.
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Real_I_Hate_China said:
No, they did not. Only Chinese pirates.

There is no developed nation with a weak legal enforcement and moral corruption. Which will tell you that China won't become a developed nation.

Economically large, yes. But GDP/Capita will remain well below that of developed nations.

Hey asshole, could you just shut the hell up you Korean dipshit?

I said China is not a developed nation now, but it will be soon. China's legal system is improving.

But don't your ignorant Korean ass tell me that there is no developed country with no corruption. There is massive corruption in Washington DC, don't tell me that all those lobby groups who bribe politicians for their own objectives are not corrupt. In fact, most politicians in this world are corrupt period.
hazik said:
usa supports the worst human rights abuser in the world. usa supports and keeps in power the govt. of Saudi Arabia. In saudi arabia people who steal get their hand chopped off with a clever. anyone who say anything bad about saudi govt. gets their head chopped off with sword. US military is in saudi arabia to protect saudi govt, and make sure saudi arabia never have democracy only king rule saudi like monarchy.
How about the Palestinians? The US has given every kind of hypocritical support possible for Israel to terrorize and encage the Palestinians just like how the Nazis did to the Jews in the Warsaw ghettoes.

The US supports all kind of human rights abuses, just as long as the bad guys are on their side. Now with the occupation in Iraq going to hell, no one believes the propaganda machine coming from Washington anymore. Freedom and democracy my ass.

No country is a moral leader. Every country is for its own self interest. But the worst part is when a country is committing human rights abuses but STILL has the nerve to call itself a champion of freedom and condemns other countries. If the US is really a champion of democracy, it should start supporting the human rights of all peoples, including Palestinians.
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Rock-N-Roll said:
Duh - Uh, everyone? Anyone ever hear the difference between a democracy and a communist state? No country becomes a "developed nation" under communism. They build what they are told, they sell it for what they are told. You cannot compete in a capatilistic manner when you simply don't comprehend what capatilism means.

They build copies because that is what they are told to build. They don't develop new, create, invent, etc., because they get paid the same regardless. What is the motivation? I build the same old thing, I get paid X yen. I work my brains out, create a better mouse trap, and I make exactly the same thing. There is no motivation.

Not China bashing. Love China. Women are beautiful. More culture than most other countries combined. But world power? Uh, no. Not as long as they have thier current government.

Should they become democratic / capatilistic? Then watch out, because they will set the world on fire.

You are a fucking moron and you obviously do not know what you're talking about.

China today is not a Communist system, it is a soft authoritarian system with a market economy.

Just like how Japan, S. Korea, Taiwan developed, China is under the same conditions.

Where was democracy when all these Asian countries were developing, huh?

You are a complete ignoramous and you don't know shit about China or Asia for that matter.
Rock-N-Roll said:
Yeah, but we got the nukes, baby....

USA - Where everyone on the planet wants to live, and they hate us because they can't.
No, people don't hate the US because it's rich. People hate the US because it is a hypocrite that calls itself a champion for human rights, while it violates human rights from Iraq to Palestine.

If the US stopped oppressing and violating other countries, people would love the US. You are a typical ignorant American moron.
^^ Like the typical Joe Blow football and beer American, I think the poster above confuses Communism with Dictatorship. It's not the same thing, idiot.

Theoretically, Communism is supposed to be the ultimate form of democracy. While one can also be a dictatorship and run an laissez faire capitalist system.

The moron here obviously is not versed in the economic development history of other East Asian nations like Japan, S. Korea and Taiwan which all became developed under the combination of a authoritarian but ambitious government, political stability and a market economy. All of these conditions are the same ones that are allowing China to thrive.

Dont waste your time with this guy, this type of person is the same kind of intellectual desert that voted for Bush and got the US into the hole its in in Iraq. And he probably doesn't even realize how much Bush's policies have hurt the comprehensive national strength of the US either.

Just let him have his football, beer and porn, that's all these white trash are good for.
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Rock-N-Roll said:
Iraq & Palestine? And you are calling me a moron?

Name one, just one, country that the US has "oppressed" in the last 50 years. Don't say we directly oppress a palastinian stae - we don't - we keep Isreal from being "oppressed". Iraq? Please..... Sadam Hussain was a vile, brutal dictator we removed to help the Iraquis. Only reason we are still there is because all of the Iraq people now plan on killing each other & we are trying to keep that from happening. We got rid of the head dictator, now everyone wants to be the dictator. If it were up to me, I'd leave & let them all shoot each other, but we have higher standards than that here in the US of A.

Watch a beer & pass the porn please....

One country? Look at Iraq right now, if that's not oppression, then I don't know what is.

And that's funny that the only way to keep Israel from oppressing is to help them oppress others. You do not know shit about this situation airhead, I have actually been there.

The US has had a long history of overthrowing democratically elected leaders all over the third world, from Iran to Chile. But obviously you are ignorant of all of that.
I said moral corruption, not financial corruption.
If you think politicians in the US, Japan or S. Korea are not morally corrupt, then you are even dumber than I first thought.

Well then can Chinese citizens vote for parties other than the communist party?
Hey dumbass, like I said before, China is an authoritarian state, just like how Japan, S. Korea and Taiwan was during their development.

Those countries observed basic human rights even under dictators(with the exception of Japan which didn't have a dictator after WW2) and had a multi-party political system. China doesn't.
China today is no different from the other East Asian states during their period of development. Actually, China is more open today than they were. And Japan was already developed by WW2, their development started in the Meiji era.

They HAD a limited form of democracy from the beginning since their citizens could choose to vote for parties other than the ruling party and voice their criticism.
Yeah sure, that's why there were thousands of political prisoners in S. Korea and Taiwan. Keep dreaming, asshole. I like how you make up stuff once you are confronted with facts, quite talented in that department.

It is not a capitalist system. If it were, then foreign companies wouldn't need to set up joint ventures with state-owned Chinese firms to gain a market access.
China is far more open than S. Korea and Japan were. And I said Market economy, China is not a full capitalist system. It is a mix between socialism and capitalism. China is FAR FAR more open today than S. Korea or Japan EVEN TODAY.

Then where are the other Chinese parties that voters could vote for, like The Free Tibet Party, Koumintang(At least these guys were democratic unlike the commies), The Falun Gong Party, all the other 55 minority parties who want to break away from China, etc?
Again, like everything you say, you spit out garbage.

55 minority groups want to break apart from China? The last I have heard, there are only two seperatist movements, the Uighurs and the Tibetans, and these are primarily only active outside China, which is why even these regions are quite politically stable. Most of the other minority groups are quite satisfied actually.

And lastly, like I said before, China is an authoritarian state now, NOT a democracy. JUST LIKE how S. Korea was in the 60's to the 80's.
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Rock-N-Roll said:
Iraq & Palestine? And you are calling me a moron?

Name one, just one, country that the US has "oppressed" in the last 50 years. Don't say we directly oppress a palastinian stae - we don't - we keep Isreal from being "oppressed". Iraq? Please..... Sadam Hussain was a vile, brutal dictator we removed to help the Iraquis. Only reason we are still there is because all of the Iraq people now plan on killing each other & we are trying to keep that from happening. We got rid of the head dictator, now everyone wants to be the dictator. If it were up to me, I'd leave & let them all shoot each other, but we have higher standards than that here in the US of A.

Watch a beer & pass the porn please....

You are a goddamn moron. Yeah, the US is the good guy, look at how Iraq is turning out.

Saddam may have been brutal, but at least he gave Iraq stability. Now there are MORE people dying everyday under the US occupation than under Saddam, and the whole country is in complete chaos.

You are obviously a brainwashed uneducated *******, no point arguing further with your ignorant ass.
cryptonx said:
LOL , I am an Arab , I know exactly what the US is doing for Israel , its so obvious , even you idiot should understand .

ANYONE , ANYONE tries to condemn Israel , or File A Report / Complain / Decision !

Miss Hot Condoleezza Rice announces that they are not ALLIES or FRIENDS with the US .

Then the US uses VETO to STOP ANY TRY or THOUGHT of condemning any israeli crime wars !

Then comes a kid who blows himself up , BUSH stops any meeting saying " The Palestinians should stop the forces of evil , terror if they want to seek peace "

If Israel bombed a compelte village , killing dozens of ppl for no particular reason at all , BUSH " I understand that Israel has the right to defend itself " .

LOL , seriously If your president that you vote for UNDER DECMOCRACY is that Stupid , that Ignorant , that FUCKED UP , no wonder what the rest of your nation will be .

Good luck , each 1 second there's like 1000 more ppl ready to do 9/11 all over again .. and feel good about it .

Hate you say , lol , hate is just the begining .
Nuke who ever hates you , maybe that the new strategy :D

Brother, trust me, ignorant fools like RockandRoll are unlimited in the US. They grow up with a brainwashed worldview, it consists of this:

1. USA is a good guy
2. Democracy vs. Communism
3. Israel is good, Palestinians are bad terrorists
4. Fuck the world, USA NO. 1!!

That's about as deep as their mind gets. They are completely ignorant about US foreign policy. Thats why someone as ignorant, incompetent and stupid as Bush can get elected twice. It is on the backs of people even more ignorant than him. These ignorant fools only care about three things in their lives, beer, football and sex. That's why people in the Middle East will continue to suffer, because the mass of the American population is very ignorant. I'm sorry about that.
Why do counterfeit goods, including automobiles, flourish in China? Because Chines people as whole do not feel guilty about ripping off other people's intellectual work.
There was this same problem in S. Korea, Taiwan and HK. Now it is less so because of improved legal systems and greater economic wealth. Standards are different. If you are saying that China has counterfeit goods because Chinese are inherently less moral than other countries, then you are making an outrageous and racist statement.

Not the same level of totalitarianism as China is. All these countries had a multi-party political system and real elections, and even so-called dictators were forced to negotiate with the opposition.
There is no opposition in China, because being opposed to the communist party means death.
Again, you have a very outdated notion of China. China today is not in the Cultural Revolution. There are many who criticize the government's policies regularly and not get punished. And free elections in S. Korea and Taiwan before the 80's?? You got to be joking! And free elections in Japan before the end of WW2?? You are the one losing your credibility.

China's industries are far more open today than S. Korea or Japan. Does Korea or Japan allow foreign companies to compete in their auto market? No, China allows all kinds of foreign brands and companies to compete in their market. There is absolutely no parallel with Japan or Korea in this respect.
- Tibetans go free.
- Ughurs go free.
- Taiwan declares the Republic of Taiwan.
- Manchus establish a Manchu state.
- Inner Mongolia reverts back to Monglia
- Southen Manchuria reverts back to Korea
- Ethnic Russians reverts back to Russia.
- Hans could split into two nations, the Mandarin speaking nation of North and the Cantonese speaking nation of South.
You obviously don't know shit about China. haha Your notions are so absurd.

First, China's govt. is not going to collapse. Second, Manchus are indistinguishable from Hans nowadays, even if they were, they populate no more than 2% of all of former Manchuria. Today it is all Hans there. Same with Inner Mongolia, the Mongols are pretty much acculturated except for some nomads, and most of Inner Mongolia are Hans. Ethnic Russians? There are only a few tens of thousands, they control no territory. Southern Manchuria reverting to Korea? Dream on Korean dipshit. Mandarin speaking North and Cantonese South? Get a life. Cantonese is only spoken around HK and in Guangdong province, and even in China's worse times, the Hans did not divide amongst each other.

Get a life, I know your dream is to see China crumble. But that's not going to happen. Whether you like it or not, China is going to become the next superpower, and your tiny Korea will probably just become a vassal state again like it is fast becoming today. Go back to Korea, you will see all your Korean brothers eagerly studying Chinese. LOL
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