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Yet another case of Chinese auto piracy

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Neoplan Starliner(Germany)

Zonda A9(China)
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?man said:
...but China thinks they can get away with it.
Do they just have no morals or decency(or law)? ...
You are asking the wrong questions.

EVERYONE so far has missed something huge, monumental, just plain "can't see the forest thru the trees" reason why there is this perceived problem of copying designs.

I know exactly why it happens. I would venture to say that most individuals who have done SERIOUS trade with China also, at some point, had the lightbulb go on in thier head as to why.

I won't say the answer - It sounds bad - but I will say, without reservation, that it has nothing to do with money, morals, decency, or sense of fairness. I will also go even further by stating (my opinion only) that the average person in China just doesn't get what the big problem is, no matter how much we express our concerns.

Know why they copy stuff yet? Here is another hint...

In the US, if a consumer needs a 350 cubic inch engine, they have exactly one brand they can buy - A GM/Chevy 350. Each manufacturer has thier own design. In China, I have the choice of maybe 4 designs for a good 6-cyl diesel, one being a R6105 model. Where do I go in China to to get that engine? Any one of maybe 500 companies that manufacture the exact same engine, using the exact same model number.

Korea / Japan have an enormously huge, forest-thru-the-trees difference with China. Guess what that is, and the light will go on over your head, too.
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Real_I_Hate_China said:
...Chinese must understand the difference between "Being Inspired By" and "A Straight Replica"; the former is legal by international law; the latter one is not.
Excellent quote - worthy thought - exceptionally unrealistic.

The answer lies therein. As an American, I completely understand the above concept, and athough "must" is too strong of a word, I most certainly do understand, and grasp "the difference between "Being Inspired By" and "A Straight Replica""

Upon re-reading this thread, your answers are contained in your own discussion. The following question has much more meaning than it shows on the surface;

Why WOULD chinese automakers design thier own vehicles?
renyeo said:
Piracy is bad for China and IP development...
No, it isn't. If it was bad for them, they would not do it.

renyeo said:
...When piracy has become a culture and an accepted way of life, it gives rise to social decadence...
SOOO very close

renyeo said:
...And the foreigners of course don't give a hoot.
Foreigners in countries other than China? The countries that have the products pirated of course"give a hoot". Other countries getting the cars cheap probably could care less.

As for China giving a hoot? There is a world of difference between just not giving a damn, and simply not understanding why you should give a damn.
Admin said:
hmm this thread seemed to be good discussion relevent at start about chinese car industry but now become to name calling angry political differences discussion

lets get together and decide what to do of such posts...
1. should i delete whole thread
2. delete all non car posts
3. move to offtopic
4. let it stay

please suggest!

No disrespect intended, but one of the posters went clear off the deep end. Off the edge if you will.
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