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Youthman Automotive Corp. Ltd is one of a subordinate company of China Youth Automotive Corp. Ltd. It is located in Jinhua City,the transportation is convenient. China Youth Automotive Corp. Ltd is a private corporate automotive industry group, with 3 subsidiaries that is Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd, Passenger Car Co., Ltd and Auto Parts Co., Ltd, integrated with manufacturing and selling NEOPLAN coach, heavy truck of MAN, Lotus car and components. There is a technical center with provicial level and a post-doctoral station which is approved by Ministry of Personal of Republic of China.It establishes a good relationship of The union of industry-study-research with Zhejiang University, Jilin University, WuHan University of Technology, HeFei University of Technology. The ability of development is very strong. It has become R & D base for heavy truck,saloon car and shuttle bus.It is defined the key enterprise aided by the State.
Youthman Automotive Corp introduced the world-class technology of heavy Aug,2004, it is the only strategic partner in China with MAN in Germany. It has the right to introduce, manufacture and sale MAN and the only one could use the MAN mark and the only manufacture of MAN in China. The general layout which continues the design philosophy of MAN’s,taking people as a dominant factor,is on the base of ISO9001,and orgaized production according to the advanced technology,drawing and complete equipment imported from MAN in Germany, which promises the security,running stationriness and driving comfort.It also has high performance for huge power, large torque,good dynamic,high capacity, it represents the technology and deisgn on top level for the luxury heavy truck in the world.
The company owns heavy truck series YTQ3250FD、YTQ4180FD、YTQ4250FD,
Special car series YTQ5250GJB,the truck for oil field,fire control,chasis for city-mulitifunctional car, more than ten series.It is in full compliance with GB/T1332-1991,and has passed the test held by Stat Inspection Center for Truck.The heavy truck is on the top level in domestic market with its safety,credibility, high-active enviromental protection and saving society resources.
Facing the challenge of economic globalization, we will continue the products philosophy of high added value,high technology,high security, excellent performent for enviromental protection and keep the high quality of MAN in Germany ,while expand the prduction line. It strictly exceutes their concept, that is Youthman is equal to the World mark ,MAN quality, competitive price and good service. They show more thoughts for the customers and set up a forwarding netowrk to help the forwarding enterprise save operating cost,and yield big profits among customers, enterprise and society.

Chasis Truck
It is given honorary title as “World Champion of Oil Saver ”. It has characters of slow turning huge torque powerful engine and low fuel consumption.Man Motor which can operate smoothy at -400C has been passed the test of rubber at -700C,it approves that the YUANGMAN chasis is more fit for the poor working condition with lower temperature and lower voltage.
The complete vehicle frame of YUANGMAN chasis is adopted special super-high steel plate and maintenance-free suspension system which is required by MAN technology.It puts up the best at any loading state.It is used the distictive ERB (exhaust braking system) and the efficiency of braking increases by 65 persent, which means higher safety, lower wear and lower cost.

Center Mixer Truck

Dumper Truck

Truck Tractor
Youngman is marching to the top-class of heavy truck in the world while it has abtain successfully in the coach line.It develops types of 3 levels ,more than 32 models to meet the future requirement of market. It has got tractors like 6X4、4X2、6X2、4X4、6X6,and the chassis for special vehicle. The produciton lined is very efficient to satisfy the customer's different need, also the service network is the most perfect in the commercial vehicle area , and they promise their service is as expected. You feel easy and comfortable travelling with Youngman.
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