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the maple is a copy of the Citroen ZX, so in my view it should be a better piece of metalwork than the small Geely which is referenced from the daihatsu. certainly those citroens go on and on where the daihatsus (Xiali) appear to have a shorter life. this view comes from years of talking to taxi drivers in high mileage cars around the ruffer parts of china!

chery windcloud is a great motor if you have drums and stuff to shift - definitely you should go down to the dealer and look at the cathedral sized cargo space under that innocent looking hatch - it's really really deep. and when you fold the seats down even bigger, and with one screwdriver and one allen key you can get the back seats out in about 5-10 minutes (I do this to save weight on track days). drives ok too and reliable as long as you don't have a custom made chinese stainless exhaust system....

If you don't do much highway mileage, I would go and look at some of these minivans like the SGM Wuling or Changan, Songhujiang etc. They probably have the most seating/ internal space for the money, and are surprisingly fun to drive - in cities anyway.
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