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Hi JMSteiny, about the QQ6: I haven't driven the car and also I haven't sit in it, (stupid, I had the opportunity, as they were used as taxis at the Chery factory site, but I suppose the inside is the same as the QQ (QQ3).)
From the outside the car looks horrible to me, it lacks imagination, is the ultimate conventional car, and it has no longer the lovely charisma of the QQ, you know, the "girls-car" (with in real-life a majority of male drivers!), having cuddly toys in the car, etc etc.
But I suppose it is as sturdy as the QQ, has a big trunk, will sell good and is good value for money.
Greetings, on the picture: with the QQ on the road, between the truck-drivers.
21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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