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Youxia Motors unveiled Youxia X electric sedan on Sunday at special event. The car is equiped with an electric motor with around 360 hp and will be competing against Tesla models.
The front grille has a customizable display that is capable of showing a sweeping red light inspired by KITT from Knight Rider television show. And that is not all. Even the name of the company apparently comes from the Chinese name for the American TV series. Even the sedan's infotainment system is called KITT OS.
The super sedan is scheduled to hit the market in 2017.

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Truly impressive! This proves electric cars and other alternative powered cars don't have to be ugly (I'm thinking about Toyota Mirai or Nissan LEAF, for example).
...and, additionally, it proves, that chinese cars have more and more impressive design.
It is a lot like Japan was. You had the first round of post-war (post opening up - 90s) designs, some OK, some vague (or blatant) copies, some of odd proportion, then you had some help from foreign styling houses going into the 60s (00s), as well as some generally stronger design themes from the second generation of local designers, then you moved into taking exports seriously in to the 70s and 80s (10s), tie-ins with foreign companies, designers recruited from overseas, and your own designers going out into the world more to learn about the markets they were developing. This I think is the stage China is at, and the next stage (already commencing) is the growth of original yet globalized Chinese design language. Its been very interesting to watch it all unfold (with thanks to this forum among others).
Among reports of trouble, Youxia has been missing in action, since 2019. Nonetheless the website is still up, displaying a 2021 copyright but bereft of any signs of life. Nice sedan and two seater....too bad.
Frozen term 3 years by Chinese government. Since May 2020, Youxia exposed problems such as factory shutdown, large layoffs, and arrears of wages. 【图】游侠汽车董事长卫俊被冻结4500万元股权_汽车之家
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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