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ZH Coupe Shanghai

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My Zhonghua Kubao 1.8 T

Other updates:
- Greddy Profec B spec II Boost Controller
- Forge blow off valve
- Complete stainless steel hose for turbo
- Greddy e-Manage
- Bigger fuel injectors
- Complete exhaust system from rtemas

- Stereo complete replaced by Alpine inclusive amplifer


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Hi maylo,
I'm also planning to buy a Kubao. Since quite a time you've been driving it. How is your feeling? How is the quality of the car.
Last weekend I saw it in shop in Shanghai, and loved it. Originally I planned to buy a Ford Focus, but now it seems I changed my mind.
But I'm hesitating, cos no any feedback, but you.
I'd appriciate, if you would give some detailes about your Coupe.
With regards,
Imre(from Hungary)
Hi Pete,
thanks showing your car to me. I think I'm convinced to buy.
p.s: in live your car's color better by far then on this picture ;)
1 - 2 of 25 Posts
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