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ZH Coupe Shanghai

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My Zhonghua Kubao 1.8 T

Other updates:
- Greddy Profec B spec II Boost Controller
- Forge blow off valve
- Complete stainless steel hose for turbo
- Greddy e-Manage
- Bigger fuel injectors
- Complete exhaust system from rtemas

- Stereo complete replaced by Alpine inclusive amplifer


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Hi maylo,

I'm currently considering this coupe as i will be residing in Fujian soon.My concern basically are aftermarket performance for this baby.Its so hard to get a tuner let alone a good one in Fuzhou coz planning a major mod for it.Other than the performance parts u have already listed in your power package i.e ball bearing turbo any idea where can i get the stuff on my list

1) fully adjustable coilovers (height & damping adjustable)
2) high lift cams (probably regrinds are easier to get rather than those billeted)
3) standalone ECU (ie MOTEC) & tuner
4) anti roll cage
5) big brake kit (looking ard for a 4 piston & slotted rotors)

p/s:Nice ride u have there
1 - 1 of 25 Posts
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