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Zhejiang Kandi Vehicle

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Deary me. It seems the Chinese have a fascination with the Smart car. Below is a pic of the latest find:

Can anyone ID?
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Re: Yet another smart car copy

Here's the open air version.....


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Zhejiang Kandi homepage:

And one more news:
Kandi Coco EV goes on sale in US for $865
Introducing the Kandi Coco - America’s cheapest electric vehicle

In a bid to meet more stringent upcoming emissions regulations and growing environmental concerns, most automakers are turning to electric vehicles. But battery technology is proving to be prohibitively expensive, pricing EVs well out of reach of the average buyer. However, for those residing in the state Oklahoma, federal and state tax credits can put an EV in your driveway for a mere $865.

The “neighborhood electric vehicle” (for use in gated communities) is basically a glorified golf cart, but does qualify for federal and state tax credits due to its electric drivetrain.

The Kando Coco retails for $10,599, but is eligible for a federal tax credit of $4,435. Throw in a 50 per cent state tax credit for electric vehicles – worth $5,299 in this case – and Oklahoma residents can purchase a brand new Kandi Coco for just $865 (AUD$975).

The Kandi Coco features four-wheel disc brakes, independent suspension, single CD tuner and a fully automatic transmission with reverse. Top speed? 40km/h.
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They don't tell us who the importer is but I'm guessing that it is Solus International of Seattle.
This Company, Kandi Technologies, is sure "under the radar". It doesn't even show as a Manufacturer on this site, but from this article it appears they may be the top exporters of Electric Cars to the US. And starting to sell in China as well.


For openers, I suspect that most had no idea that KNDI was China’s largest exporter of pure 4 wheeled EVs to the US, with over 3500 mini-EVs delivered in the past twelve months."

I tried to post a link to this source, but this site won't let me post a URL, so if you are interested in the source, put this article title in your Google search and you will get the source.

Examining Kandi Technologies: A China-Based EV and Quick Change Battery Company (Part II)
Kandi K12 (SMA7000BEV05)

A funny little two-seat car, the K12, a product of the Geely-Kandi partnership, was recently approved by NDRC.

Dimensions (L,W,H): 2770×1560×1610 mm
Wheelbase: 1880 mm
Curb weight: 970 kg
Max speed: 102 km/h
Motor: 35 kW (peak)
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Kandi K12 Dushi Liren (都市丽人)

Production of the K12 Dushi Liren ("City/Urban Beauty") began in April in Rugao, Jiangsu, at a brand-new factory.

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Moreover, Kandi has adopted the Gleagle name for all four NEVs.
The link below announces the adoption of the Gleagle or Global Eagle name that was dropped when JV partner Geely, consolidated its brand names.

The related logo is one that originated in a public contest staged by Geely back in 2007.

The following Kandi website article announces the adoption of the Global Eagle or Gleagle brand name.

The logo design associated with that name was chosen from a collection of logos submitted in a public contest
Kandi K22 and K27

Both the K12 and Englon C5-based K17A will get upgrades in the form of more powerful 49 kW motors in place of 35 kW. The upgraded models will be designated K22 and K27 respectively.

Source: MIIT records.

K22 = SMA7000BEV20
K27 = SMA7001BEV40
Kandi Gleagle K23 (really?)

Pics from MIIT say it is a (Kandi) Gleagle K23, but no argument will convince me it is NOT an alien insect from the planet Cybertron, inhabitants of which can successfully transform into terrestrial vehicles. Let's quietly prepare for the oncoming invasion.

Pretending for the moment that it is a car created by humans, it is seen taking the form of a 4-meter hatchback with seating for 4, and is powered by a 49 kW motor (oh yes, you want me to believe that, MIIT?). Somebody call SETI please.


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Kandi Gleagle K23

Too late to stop the invasion now!

Pilot production had begun in March at Kandi's newest plant in Haikou, Hainan.

Prototypes from 2017:

Sina article


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