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Zhejiang Kandi Vehicle

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Deary me. It seems the Chinese have a fascination with the Smart car. Below is a pic of the latest find:

Can anyone ID?
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I agree, it would be an awesome sight to see, when it's bearing down on you.
Down on Hainan island, people might imagine it to be a creature that just emerged from the depths of the sea.
Perhaps we can call it, "A car with an attitude".
Quite a contrast to the smiling K12....
Kandi K22 in the USA

Kandi K22 presented in the United States:

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Due to equity restructuring and Kandi's sale of interest, Geely's share in the JV company Kandi Electric Vehicles Group Co., Ltd. will increase to 78% from 50%, while Kandi's shareholding will go down to 22%.


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Kandi K23

K23 may go on sale in first in the US, not China:

..Kandi Hainan signed a Supply Contract (the "Contract") for the initial 2000 model K23 with SC Autosports on October 1, 2019. The value of the Contract is about $32 million. According to the Contract, the first 200 vehicles are expected to be delivered by the end of 2019.
Kandi JV updates

Refer to the diagram of post #24:

Kandi Electric Vehicles Group Co., Ltd. has been renamed Fengsheng Automobile Technology Group Co., Ltd. following the 28% increase in stake in the JV company by Li Shufu's Geely Technology Group Co., Ltd.

Kandi Electric Vehicles (Changxing) Co., Ltd. is renamed as Fengsheng Automobile (Changxing) Co., Ltd.

Kandi Electric Vehicles Jiangsu Co., Ltd. is renamed as Fengsheng Automobile (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd.

Kandi Electric Vehicles (Jinhua) Co., Ltd. is unchanged.

Kandi Electric Vehicles (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. has been transferred to a different co., Zhejiang Yiting Holdings Co., Ltd. (part of Geely Technology Group) and is no longer a subsidiary of the JV.

Companies under the direct control of the the Kandi Group (the right side of the diagram) have not undergone any changes.
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Is there any change in the name of the vehicles, which according the 2019 statistics, are not selling at all,
So the new Maple is in reality just the Gleagle EX3, a little bit updated and a new name?
Any idea if all the Kandi's will be named Maple?
Apart from what we know from MIIT #327, background info on the Maple 30X has been collected from these two sources:

Combining the three sources, it is my current understanding that the 30X (GK-1) is intended for the ride-hailing/taxi/sharing/rental market, as there is mention of QBEX battery exchange compatibility. Battery swapping is especially helpful for such roles as the cars should be able to operate almost round the clock and any downtime spent at regular charging stations is income lost.

At the moment, I think Maple is for hire cars only. The Kandi brand was already replaced once with Gleagle (which itself is a Geely-created brand) for the existing NEVs. Would Geely do it a second time?

Yes, the new Maple 30X is really an updated EX3 (visual updates, such as the bumper, follow the 2019 Geely Yuanjing X3 style).

There is no information if other Kandis/Gleagles (NEVs) will be renamed to Maple, or even Fengsheng, or if model names will be changed if that happens. For that, we must wait for a company communication or some more MIIT Notices :)
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Kandi K27 (new)

SC Autosports, LLC announces the launch of the Kandi K27 pure electric vehicle into the U.S. market:

Unlike the bigger, erstwhile Gleagle K27 based on Geely's Englon C5, this new K27 is a rebadge of Jinpeng group's Lingbao K-Car produced by Jiangsu Jimai N.E.V. Industry Co., Ltd. (see posts #614 & #615 of the mini EV thread). Neither Geely nor the newly-formed Fengsheng [Maple] group (former Geely-Kandi JV) is connected with this product.


Other K27 & K23 pics:

Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Motor vehicle
Tire Wheel Land vehicle Vehicle Automotive side-view mirror
Car Tire Wheel Vehicle Hood

Tire Vehicle Photograph Car Grille
Wheel Car Tire Vehicle Vehicle registration plate

From Twitter
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New news from Kandi America in Texas! On Instagram seen new Kandi model, the UTV 4X4 EV
Car Wheel Tire Land vehicle Automotive parking light

Car Wheel Land vehicle Tire Vehicle

Car Land vehicle Wheel Vehicle Tire

Wheel Car Tire Land vehicle Vehicle
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Kandi America removes K23 and K27 from website. New golf carts, motorcycles, and go karts have been added. It seems Kandi is now focusing on off-road toys.
Tire Wheel Vehicle Automotive tire Car

Wheel Tire Vehicle Automotive tire Car

Tire Wheel Vehicle Automotive tire Product

Tire Wheel Automotive tire Vehicle Motor vehicle

Tire Wheel Vehicle Automotive tire Motor vehicle

Tire Wheel Vehicle Bicycle tire Crankset

Wheel Tire Bicycle tire Bicycle frame Crankset

Tire Wheel Motorcycle Motocross Automotive tire

Tire Wheel Motocross Motorcycle Automotive tire
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