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Zhengzhou Yutong

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Here in Venezuela is now selling new buses Yutong with Cummins engine.

J. Carlos Gámez
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what is the response to cuba? i think china delivered buses to castro long ago
Here is the response to you

Cuba praises high quality of Chinese-made buses
Updated: 2007-10-03 13:59

A "Rhine Star" model made by Yutong rides on road. China has exported over 500 Yutong buses to Cuba. And At the end of 2007, 1,142 buses are expected to arrive in Cuba from China. [Xinhua]

Cuban State Council Vice President Carlos Lage Tuesday praised the high quality of Yutong buses being supplied by China to this Caribbean island.

Lage said that at the end of 2007, some 1,142 buses are expected to arrive in Cuba from China to be used for urban transportation.

Over 500 Yutong buses have landed in Cuba so far this year and more will continue to arrive in the country in the next three years as part of a bilateral accord, Lage said at Havana's San Augustin bus station.

The Yutong group is one of the world's largest automakers, with a 22,000-unit annual production and US$8 billion sales.

In early 2006, Cuba negotiated with China the purchase of 8,000 vehicles, including the Yutong buses, which have been praised as "excellent" by Cuban leader Fidel Castro for their low fuel consumption and high quality.

Other bilateral negotiations in the transport sector include supplying Cuba with 2,500 horse-power locomotives, firefighter trucks and other vehicles.
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Apparently, the Yutong bus has been very well received and is revolutionizing the mass transportation system in Cuba.
: : : Yutong : : :



Company profile:

"Zhengzhou Yutong Group Co., Ltd. , its head office located in Zhengzhou, Henan province, is a large-scale enterprise group with bus making as the core business, with engineering machinery and real estate as the strategic business and at the same time giving attention to other investment portfolios. According to State Statistics Bureau, Yutong Group ranked 324 in “China's Top 500 Enterprises” and at the same time stood 41 in “China's 500 Most Competitive Enterprises of the Year 2006” as the only bus enterprise to enter this list. In 2006 , the sales income of Yutong Group reached high up to RMB10,139,800,000, taking up over 22% of the domestic market. In the same year, 22,198 units of Yutong buses were sold , and 2,002 buses were exported with the export amount up to USD105 million, increasing 28% compared with the corresponding period last year. Till now, the possessed number of Yutong buses all over the world exceeds 120 thousand, making Yutong an international large-scale bus manufacturing enterprise.

Now, over many years' development, Yutong Bus has achieved a premier position in the domestic bus field with its integrated enterprise strength and also formed its unique enterprise culture and advanced management concept. With market oriented, Yutong Bus carries on its R&D relying on the market and programs its products rationally. It has powerful R&D strength, the first post-doctoral science and development working station in the bus industry of China equipped with the world-class test device and instrument, and also the first state-level technology center in the bus industry of China . Yutong Bus has established the entire-process quality control supervision system in order to guarantee the product quality. In 2004, Yutong Bus was evaluated by Germany Quality System Authentication Company (DQS) , and successfully passed ISO/TS16949: 2002 authentication.

In the management targets of Yutong Group, it has been definitely confirmed that its principle is to find a foothold in the domestic market and to concentrate resources for the strategic area and that its clear development strategy is to open up the international market. The development vision of the enterprise is to establish the enterprise brand of Yutong and to become the predominant world enterprise group of moderate diversification with bus making as the key business. Inside, it integrates its affiliate enterprises, properly disposes recourses and takes great advantage of the privilege of Yutong brand; outside, it establishes the scale benefit and strengthens the capital advantage in order to promote side-by-side development. From now on, with products as the leading role, the capital as the cohesion and enterprise culture and management mode as the core, Yutong Group will develop into a large-scale, trans-regional, diversified and high-tech international enterprise group, covering buses, engineering machinery and vehicle components and integrated with manufacturing, science and development, investment and trade, thus creating No. 1 bus brand of China and becoming a main international bus supplier."

Founded: 1993

Market share: 20%

Production: 13 000 buses (2002), 22 198 (2006)
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some of the models in production

ZK 6129 H

ZK 6737 D

ZK 6118 HGA

ZK 6858 H



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Yutong Bus Co sales revenue hits $1.72 billion

January 23 – China’s largest bus-maker Zhengzhou Yutong Bus C0., sales revenue reached RMB 12.5 billion ($1.72 B), up 24 percent from one year earlier, China Securities Journal reported yesterday.

The company also release its 2007 report forecast last week, which says, the company’s profits in 2007 grew 50 percent from one year earlier.

The company sold a total number of 28,839 units of all kinds of vehicles (buses, engineering vehicles and special purpose vehicles) in 2007, up 39 percent from one year earlier.

The bus-maker sold 25,522 buses, up 41.5 percent from previous year. The company’s bus sales revenue reached 8.8 billion yuan ($1.22 B), up 36.5 percent from one year earlier.

The company exported 3,319 buses, up 84 percent year-on-year and total value of bus exports reached 1.39 billion yuan ($192.25 M), up 92 percent from one year earlier.
Re: : : : Yutong : : :

Yutong, Alcoa to roll out eco-friendly bus in Aug

Shanghai, July 16 ( China's leading bus-maker Zhengzhou Yutong Group Co. and world-famous aluminum producer Alcoa Inc. announced on July 12 that they would jointly launch an environmentally friendly bus model (code-named ZK6126HGE) in August, reported yesterday. The bus model uses a lot of aluminum materials to lose its weight by 46% and to lower its fuel consumption.

A research result released by German IFEU (Institute for Energy and Environmental Research) in 2007 said that a diesel bus could save up to 2,550 liters of diesel as well as lower the CO2 emissions in its running period if the bus weight could be cut by 100kg.

"We target to cut more than 1,000kg off each bus together with Yutong Group," said Robert S. Wetherbee, Vice President of Alcoa's Market Strategy. "Actually, we have reduced 1,400kg from a 12-meter-long city bus, an 11.6% weight loss for the bus in empty running,” he added.

The all aluminum bus can get 46% lighter in weight than a conventional bus. Robert believed the higher fuel efficiency and lower CO2 emissions brought by the bus weight loss will surely promote China’s energy-saving move and improve the environment.

Zhengzhou Yutong Group Co. is a large-scale Chinese enterprise with bus making as its core business, engineering machinery and real estate as its strategic business, and at the same time giving attention to other investment portfolios.

Alcoa is the world's producer and provider of primary aluminum, fabricated aluminum and alumina facilities, and is active in all major businesses of the industry.
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Re: : : : Yutong : : :

Yutong Bus exports buses to Uruguay

Shanghai, August 13, 2008 - China's largest bus-maker Zhengzhou Yutong Bus CO has began shipping 48 buses to Uruguay. The buses will be used to serve public transportation and tourism industry, the company said.

Code-named ZK6100HB and ZK6129H, the buses is the largest export deal of Yutong to the South American country. This will followed by a series of orders from this country.

Now Yutong is the only Chinese automaker that sells buses to Uruguay, accounting for 42 percent of the local market. Currently around 50 Yutong buses are in service in the country.

Yutong sold 25,522 buses in China and abroad in 2007, up 41.5 percent from previous year. A total of 3,319 buses were exported, up 84 percent year-on-year.

Re: : : : Yutong : : :

50 buses in uruguay is 42% OF BUSES MARKETSHARE there?

that cant be:rolleyes:
Re: : : : Yutong : : :

Yutong buses heading for Chilean market

September 05, 2008

Shanghai, September 5 ( Zhengzhou Yutong Group Co., China's largest bus-maker, has begun shipping 42 buses code-named ZK6130H to Chile from Shanghai, according to Shanghai Securities news on August 26.

ZK6130H, combining economy with power perfomance perfectly, represents Yutong’s effort to meet the demand in the Chilean market, sources said.

Yutong signed a deal with Chilean distributors in October 2007 on export of 70 ZK6130H buses. One month later, 400 more ZK6130H were added to their deal by the two sides. The buses will be used to serve Chilean public transportation, tourism industry, and the commute of miners, the company said.
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Re: : : : Yutong : : :

ZF, Yutong ink strategic partnership for new buses

November 07, 2008

Shanghai, November 7 ( Chinese bus-maker Yutong Bus Co., Ltd signed a deal of strategic cooperation with German supplier of driveline and chassis ZF Friedrichshafen AG on October 5 in Zhengzhou, said China Bus Daily. The two companies will work together for new technologies and new products of bus manufacturing and marketing.

A top executive of Yutong noted that the signing of the deal will bring Yutong and ZF into a new stage of partnership beyond the auto parts business. They will join hands in the maximizing of the bus product lineup, development of new buses and exploration of new markets. The two companies had showcased their respective new products and new technologies before inking the deal.

Actually, Yutong started to cooperate with ZF early in 2001 and since then has used ZF's components for urban buses and travel coaches. The transmissions, steering gears, absorbers, Axle, clutches and other auto parts made by FZ have supplied Yutong buses as standard components, and have earned Yutong buses wide recognition in Chinese and global markets.

In 2007, Yutong sold 25,522 buses, with 3,319 of them exported to overseas markets. The further cooperation with a global auto-parts giant is expected to improve the product quality and brand image of the Chinese bus-maker. The common dedication to the high quality of products and services is also seen as a basis for the Yutong-ZF partnership.

In addition, ZF supplies the Chinese market with driveline and chassis / suspension components, auto transmissions, axle systems, steering technology, as well as products for construction machinery, marine applications, and rail vehicles. ZF is now represented in China with about 20 production companies.
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Re: : : : Yutong : : :

This company has 42% of its fleet

The other is Cutcsa ( ) which has a fleet of 1,043 units, consisting of the following brands:

Mercedes Benz 550

Volvo 389

Leyland 70

Scania 28

Yutong 20 already come more photos


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Re: : : : Yutong : : :

Nelson Lakes Transport in New Zealand operates a single Zhongtong-Yutong bus. Do they have a partnership or something?
Re: : : : Yutong : : :

Yutong to produce new-energy buses in H2

April 01, 2009

Shanghai, April 1 ( China's largest bus-maker Zhengzhou Yutong Group Co. is planning to mass-produce new-energy buses in the second half of this year, said today.

In 1999, Zhengzhou Yutong began its research and development of new-energy buses. The bus maker has built seven petrol-electric hybrid bus models, which are under trial operation in Beijing, Guangzhou and Zhengzhou.

The trial version of 12-meter-long hybrid bus models can be save 17%-19% energy compared with the ordinary MT (manual transmission) bus, the test result said. Yutong’s hybrid bus can be 25% more energy-saving than a gas-guzzling AT bus.

The bus maker now is taking active measures to apply for the new-energy bus production permit from the government immediately after China recently issued new energy vehicles stimulus policy.

The company is well prepared to mass-produce new-energy buses in the second half of 2009.
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Re: : : : Yutong : : :

Does Yutong export to New Zealand or Australia?
Re: : : : Yutong : : :

Yutong gets WVTA certificate of EU for whole vehicle

Recently, experts appointed by Dutch Royal Ministry of Transportation (RDW) declared that Yutong’s ZK6129H/ZK6119HA buses passed the WVTA (Whole Vehicle Type Approval) of European Union (EU) after two-day’s audit.

It’s learned that the audit includes controls on whole vehicle manufacturing consistency, parts &components manufacturing consistency, engineering change of products, order review, update of overseas laws and regulations, overseas recall, COC certificate management procedure, the responsibilities of European office and its relations with Yutong Bus, etc.

EU’s Whole Vehicle Type Approval, WVTA for short, also called e-sign approval, is a compulsory certificate in EU based on EC directives or Brussels directives. All whole vehicles and auto parts with WVTA certificate are eligible to be sold in EU member countries. The stringent approval set rather high standards on emission volumes, safety performance, as well as environmental protection, and is one of the three automotive approval systems together with American and Japanese counterpart approval systems.
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