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Yutong T7 Ready to Beat Toyota Coaster

On May 11, China’s leading bus maker Yutong officially released its business purpose vehicle, T7, which targets at the high-end business purpose vehicle market at 2015 China Beijing International Exhibition on Buses, Trucks & Components. Some industrial insiders believe that the introduction of T7 is going to bring some seismic effect to the domestic high-end business purpose vehicle market. In the field of light bus market, the time for the monopoly of Toyota Coaster is now gone forever.

As is known to all, China’s high-end business purpose vehicle market has long been dominated by Toyota Coaster. Despite its overly high price, the vehicle is still under great demand and thus it enjoys extremely enticing profit margin. According to some sources, Sichuan FAW Toyota, with an annual sales volume of about 5,000 Coasters, boasts a whopping annual profit, which is at the same level of the total sales revenue of a bus enterprise with an annual sales volume of 5,000 buses.

In late May last year, Chinese President Xi Jinping paid a special visit to SAIC and expressed China’s determination to replace all vehicles for official and governmental use with domestic brands. The president says “It is a new opportunity for indigenous auto makers and great efforts must be made to beat those foreign brands.”

Yutong, ranking the first place in its sales volume in the global market, has long been taking the lead in pushing China’s bus industry to a number of new heights. It undoubtedly shoulders the responsibility to bring more vitality to China’s bus industry and strengthen its overall competitiveness in the global market. The arrival of T7 fully demonstrates the company’s determination in this regard.

With streamlined body, T7 carries itself with a strongly visible touch of grace and elegance. Its LED daytime running lamps and large square-shaped rear lamps further perfect its uniquely attractive appearance.

On its interior, T7 is equipped with the powerful 6-liter V8 gasoline engine imported from the U.S. Upon customers’ demands, it can also be mounted with the well developed and widely popular Dongfeng ZD30 or Shangchai VM diesel engines which are specially designed for light buses. The powerful driveline fully ensures the vehicle’s smooth operation and strong power. T7 equipped with gasoline engine has a rated power of 232 kilowatts and a maximum torque of 490 N•m. Thus, it effectively reduces noises when compared with diesel engine powered vehicles.

Also, Yutong T7 is mounted with Allison 1000 automatic transmission, which is widely used on the chassis of recreational vehicles in the U.S. For this reason, T7 has greatly upgraded its safety standards and improved driving comforts. What’s more, the well tuned suspension system effectively reduces the toss caused by the road bumps. The ergonomically designed seats give both drivers and passengers unparalleled travel amenities. NVH noise muting technology and insulation and absorption structural design also contribute significantly to the noise reduction inside the vehicle. It is also worth mentioning that the sedan-style console, electric driver window and electric heated rear-view mirror bring a host of travel comforts and make driving safer and more intelligent.

According to Yutong, the company purchases its spare parts on the global market. The vehicle’s key parts, such as its transmission, clutch, steering gear and retarder are all coming from well-renowned brands from Germany, USA and Italy. Thanks to its internationally competitive quality, Yutong T7 is firmly believed to make huge splashes in China’s light bus market.

Despite the long and winding road to success, T7 is now ready to triumph.

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