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Zhonghua StreetRacers!!!!!!!!!! (PICS)

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wow...pretty nice :thumb: they are photoshopped but still cool

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heres another one!

:) enjoy
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its been photoshopped to the extent that the only thing that makes it look like a zhonghua is the headlight
i thought the first pic was real for a sec, then i saw the 2nd one and realized both zhonghuas are every photoshopped
very cool cars if it's real

I saw it before this thread was posted, but I know since this time that it's photoshopped.

First pic is too big wheels! So I think it can't be real, but in the second pic, I think it can be real, but it's too big rims and too thin tires!
no kidding, it shouldnt take anyone over 2sec to see the photoshop in this pic. Even if the tires are the correct size.
It does appear to be a photo taken at some sort of modified car exhibition. Look at the white chery fengyun in the background that seems to be wearing a rather nasty aftermarket front bumper. And the logo behind the zhonghua is not a brilliance logo, presumably it's a tuning company logo.

So whilst both pics are obviously 'shopped, presumably there was a modified zhonghua of some sort stood there in the first place. Can anyone find the original pic anywhere on the net?
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