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Zhongxing’s new SUV

According to Zhongxing is developing another SUV.

The Great Wall Hover debut just the beginning, under the same province, Zhongxing Automobile is one of the most powerful rival, but in product planning, obviously not the Great Wall more multidirectional, intended pushing the ZTE Unlimited SUV did not meet selling level, as well as their attention, also the same with the decline. Fortunately, ZTE itself does not depressed, the SUV models in the development of the move on, following a reported plan is the best answer.

There's this new SUV blend of SUV , car and other design elements, that is very popular in recent years, CROSSOVER style, body bottom half is a typical SUV design, the upper part of the car is totally car-based style design, the most typical difference is abolished the last of the D column, or, more precisely, a weakened column D visual effects.

Front part of the design is not complicated, LOGO some may not show that ZTE , and good for filling out the Hebei Zhongxing Automobile, headlight angle to irregular multi-diamond design, the profile shape is very common, has been exposed early Jianghuai BSUV also used a very similar style headlamps.

Side can be more clearly seen in its entire model line, front and rear protruding brow, waist sharp, and car design of the car is more obvious, although at the expense of a number of loading space, they got from the visual improvement, said SUV vehicle, assigned to the ranks of more appropriate CROSS.

Compared to the front, body, tail design some mediocre, of course, is the model itself may be the problem, actual vehicle may be better if the results come out.

As ZTE 's low-key, lead us to understand the vehicle is almost zero, but the body design and model on display body chassis height of view, should be ZTE 's first load type body, said the popular point, the chassis structure and the same as cars , but the chassis higher elevation than cars, so as to enhance the sexual, is road-based SUV . As for the powertrain, the ZTE is currently no information to disclose self-produced, the possibility of outsourcing more, but at present, revealed the appearance map production have changed, or whether the testing stage as there is no information available for reference, However, this group of pictures that ZTE 's new car has not stalled plans, Sohu will continue to focus on its subsequent development.
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