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Re: zhongXing grandtiger(Kapra) in Iran

I do not know the exact number of sold cars,but each day passes, there are an increasing number of the grand tigers in the streets .the government based offices as Sepahe pasdaran ordered this car!

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I live in iran.
yes the price is real because of importing tax and ...(40% tax + old car destruction(sorry I dunno this in English) + ... )[it makes any car to cost 70% more!]
bahman motor make this car in CKD and also zx landmark V7(with 2.4 4G69 engine and 4WD)
the landmark is the cheapest mid size 4WD SUV in iran (cost 80.000.000 tomans or 23.000 US$) .
I bought one last year.
it's good car.
many people was shocked with its offroad (in iran anybody thinks thant Chinese cars are useless!). after all I think its better than Nissan paladin(or the same as it)
I have drove it for 20.000km till now and I sure that its a good car with this price(based on iran economic status.)

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Just like to add to M12421K's info:

574 Landmarks have been made by Bahman up to Mordad 1394AP (Mar 21-Aug 22, 2015), compared to just 14 in China from Jan-July 2015.

No Capra has been built in 1394AP. Production was 422 units in the previous year.

Other light vehicles in production, as of August, at Bahman are the Mazda B2000i single and double-cab pickups (3rd generation Mazda B-Series), the related Cara B1700i pickup, Mazda3 (BL, recently resumed), and Asa B50 F (Besturn B50).
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