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thanks. i notice you welcome everyone. nice job :thumb:

8-20K? that's a big range.

*sigh* chinese cars will not work unless they are decent and CHEAP. the price is what will get US consumers interested. no doubt about that. especially younger people looking to get a lot of value (like me).

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IN China it sells for around $14000 USD, I dont' think they are gonna sell for anything cheaper than that in the states.

I own a landmark GX automatic for about a year now and it's running good. I had to change the water tank but other than that, it's quite robust. It sells cheaper than corolla in China but I feel it's much more comfy and safer than a sedan of similar price range. This is the 2nd Chinese car I've bought and so far i'm quite satisfied overall. The 1st chery i bought was a pure disaster! I wont give them another look for another 20 years.

The only thing bothers me is the humming sound when you reach around 80 kilo/hr point. It disappears over 80 kilo though. For a 2.4L engine, it's also quite a gas guzzler, mine is running 15-16 liters per 100 kilo. Traffic in china sucks i know, but still it's quite a lot of gas for this car. I had to change brake pads for just under 15000 kilos. Dunno if it's got something to do with the high gas mileage. The noise from engine gets louder too than when it was new.

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CBU Parameter
Length X Width X Height(mm) 4750 * 1760 * 1830,1775
Wheel base(mm) 2850
Wheel tracks front/rear(mm) 1472/1477
Gross weight(kg) 1670(manual 2WD)/1710(automatic)/1780 (4WD)
Min. turning radius(m) 6.4
Inner dimension(L) 1310/1912
Oil tank capacity(L) 73

Engine parameter
Engine model: 4G64
Engine type: L4 SOHC 16V MPI
Displacement(cc): 2351
Max. power(KW/rpm): 94/5250
Max. torque(N.m/rpm): 196/2500~3000
Max. speed(Km/h): 160
Emission standard: EURO III
Fuel type: gasoline above 93#

Chassis parameter
Engine suspension: engine liquid suspension fixation
Passing parameter: approach angle32°,departure angle25°.portrait passing 23°(fully loaded)
Max. gradient: 2、4WD
Exhaust system: 2 Catalyzes, with stainless tail pipe
Suspension mode(front/rear): double-arm independent torsion bar suspension bracket/multipoint(5) connecting rod suspension bracket

Engine: 4Y-ME(491Q-ME) / QD32T Diesel / 4G64
Type: 4 Cylinders in line, Multi-point Injection / 4 Cylinders in line, turbo charge / 4 Cylinders in line, water cool, overhead camshaft
Max.power: 76/4200-4600(KW/RPM) 103/4200-4600(HP/RPM) / 81/3600(KW/RPM) 110/3600(HP/RPM) / 94/4200-5250(KW/RPM) Max.torque(Nm/rpm): 193/2200-2800 / 221/2000 / 198/2200-3600
Fuel consumption(L/100km): 10 / 7.5 / 11
Displacement(L): 2.237 / 3.153 / 2.351
Compression ratio: 8.8:1 / 22:01 / 12:01
Max.vehicle speed(km/h): ≥130 / ≥130 /≥140

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This car is just started to hit the egyptian market yesterday, it's CKD assembled locally but they gave another name KOMODO.
Its price is ranging from 124,000 EGP (22,550 USD) for 2X4 M/T L model to 159,000 EGP (28,900 USD) for 4X4 A/T VLX model which comes fully loaded.
Its warranty is the longets I heared about in Egypt 5 years or 100,000 Km which comes first, and in the same time it's an international warranty working in several countries that have services centers for this car.
The egyptian dealer (AUTOGATE) annouced that it will be exported to other countries in the middle east including GCC countries.

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The problem to this car in the Egyption market that it's such all Chineese cars her : 1- spare parts not coverage all the car parts .
2- there's not qualifiedservice senter/or even work shop to maintain car performance.
Is there any gurantee to buy it.
What i'm saying tat I'm suffering with my CHERRY car of those problemes above. Thank.
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