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Despite the fact that ZX Auto has had a long association with the Bahman Group of Iran where the latter is producing/has produced vehicles such as the Grandtiger (Capra) and Landmark, and is planning to launch the Grandlion 1949 (i.e. G9, see post #46) as well, Diar Khodro (of Wingle/BAIC/Tigard fame) has already decided to assemble the very similar, and related, Terralord/Grandlion 1986 in Iran. The pickup will be locally named "L7 Plus" and reports indicate it will be marketed by Diar's retail partner, Isatis Motor.

Note that the vehicle photographed above is wearing the Keyton logo on its front grille and steering wheel. This is not surprising as Istatis Motor did plan on introducing Keyton's products to Iran in 2021, but those plans did not fructify. From what I understand, the logo will very likely be changed when the product is actually launched.
41 - 48 of 48 Posts