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About Ziyang Nanjun Automobile

We are one of the largest automobile manufacturers in China. With registered capital of RMB 120 million, total assets of RMB 2.3 billion and fixed assets of RMB 520 million, we have more than 3,200 employees, and cover a land area of more than 3,700mu. Our main products include heavy, medium and light duty trucks and mini trucks as well as large, medium and light buses. Our annual production capacity is 100,000 automobiles presently, ranking the 19th in China's auto industry and the second in China's commercial vehicle industry.

Sichuan Nanjun Automobile Co., Ltd., our subordinate bus manufacturer, is able to produce 10,000 public buses and highway passenger vehicles annually; Ziyang Junxing Spare Parts Co., Ltd., our subordinate spare part manufacturer, focuses on the trade, logistics and transportation of auto spare parts; Ziyang Ruiyu Logistics Co., Ltd., our subordinate logistic company, is mainly engaged in storage, logistics, property management and transportation of commodity vehicles; Hunan Axle (Ziyang) Co., Ltd., our subsidiary enterprise, is able to produce 100,000 axles annually for medium and light duty vehicles; Chongqing Banglong Import & Export Co., Ltd., our authorized exporter, targets at overseas market, and strives to "bring benefit to the people, manufacture automobiles for the masses, seek continuous development and revitalize the national economy".

Our marketing and service network covers all provinces and cities in China, as well as in Southeast Asia, Central Asia, Africa and other countries and regions. Our products have been exported in batches to clients in Vietnam, Burma, Syria, Kazakstan, Algeria, Angola, Peru and other countries and regions. Our brand of "Nanjun" has become a popular brand of commercial vehicles in China and Southeast Asia.



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