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Dear friends,

I plan on purchasing few Zonda buses. Being located not in China, it is important for me and my business to understand if they will be working stable for a long time and they will not require too much additional service at least for the 3-5 years. Do any of you have such long experience of using their buses? Do they work well? What is common to break down first?

The engine in the buses we plan to purchase was developed by Cummings. I have not heard too much about this company? Maybe any of you know some more about them except for what is written on their web-site? How do their engines run? Do you know if the company has service centers in Europe?

Thanks in advance for any info concerning the subject.

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The engine in the buses we plan to purchase was developed by Cummings
It's a famous american made engine
They're strong commercial vehicules we're importing them here in algeria since two years and till now we havn't any problem with their engine nother anything else;so we started lifting them here in april 2008. and till now we're not disappointed
Zonda's the Top3 among the Passenger bus industry.
Zonda Bus won many honors by its excellent performance and steady quality, such as “2006 Coach Appearance of the year BAAV Awards”, “Asian Star of the World Passenger Bus Exhibition”, “Chinese Up-grade Tourist Bus”, etc. Zonda bus won the international brand by its optimum cost and performance. Zonda bus has the same high quality, but they are much more competitive in price.
Up to now, Zonda buses were successively exported to Georgia, Russia, Viet Nam,Iran, Syria, Jordan, Turkey, Egypt, Cameroon, Senegal, Algeria, the United States, Peru, Chile, Bahamas and New Zealand.
Zonda can supply excellent bus and automotive service equipment. For the mission to “make Chinese Classic Passenger Bus”, Zonda commits itself to provide the customers with safe, comfortable and overvalued products.
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