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[FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]On Sep 26th , there was an exciting news announced from the International transportation exhibition both of Highway and waterway sponsored by Ministry of Communications of China: "Two Bus models "A9" and "A7", from Zonda Group, were separately honored as "highway passenger transport bus Award" and "fissional innovation passenger bus Award".[/FONT]
[FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]A9, assuming in the glory of "highway passenger transport bus Award", became the spotlight in this exhibition. Once issued in 2005, it had already received many honors from different fairs. From the market feedback, it has become the new growth point of Zonda Bus.[/FONT]
[FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]As another new model, A7 was released in 2006. It also attracted many people's attention for its appearance and technology. It also attended the 60th IAA Commercial Vehicle Exhibition in Germany from 21st to 28th Sep, where a large quantity of foreigners described it as an amazing bus.[/FONT]
[FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]As the new player in bus industry, no matter what the application of advanced technology, safety factor, environmental consideration and so on, Zonda always keeps the top level among of China Commercial Vehicle Manufacturing Enterprises. As a new strength of China Bus industry, Zonda will bring more products and surprises for our customers.[/FONT]
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China Zonda Bus Export to African market

Recently, on the passenger bus production base of China Zonda Group in Yancheng the delivery ceremony for Zonda Bus exported in batch to Cameroon was held. On the ceremony, general manager of Zonda Bus, Mr. Zhuang Xinbao expressed his congratulations and the vice general manager Mr. Xu Zhongshan delivered the bus keys to the representative of Cameroon customer.

According to the leader of the International Trade Department, Zonda Bus has shown a strong growth momentum in export volume of the international market, which clearly shows the competitive advantages of Zonda Bus in the international market, and is also another leap for the internationalization of Zonda Bus industry.

The 30 YCK6126HG and YCK6126HC medium and large-size buses exported to Cameron this time, are new products independently made by the technical team of Zonda Bus through borrowing and absorbing the design ideas from mainstream passenger buses on European and American passenger bus market, and keeping in step with the world trend.
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Zonda Bus Successfully on Mideast Market

In the past few days, a delegation group composed by Syria Transportation Group from Middle East once again arrived at the headquarter of Zonda Bus in Yancheng, and signed an agreement of a batched luxurious passenger buses deal with Zonda bus International Depart.

This was the second time that Zonda Bus and the Syrian customer shake their hands to follow the cooperation. This Syrian customer once has purchased 20 buses in 2005. Through more than one year's operation tests, the outstanding performance of Zonda Bus in the reliability and the energy conservation shows that they're extremely suited the special climate and vehicle condition of Mideast. The aim of this visit is to comprehensively communicate and investigate the A9, A7 two leading models. Through a close observation and understanding, the Syrian customer found out that several appointed models of Zonda "A" series passenger buses are specially designed to add some elements of the Mideast style, which also makes them more confident to choose Zonda as their long-term cooperation partner.

At all the time, Mideast coach market is one of the key points of Zonda bus' internationalization strategy. The president of Zonda Group Mr. Xu Liankuan also expressed many times:"Expanding the international market is the pivot of overall development strategy of Zonda Bus in 2006. At the time of the rapid growth in export quantity, we will pay more attention to the improvement of overseas' service system and the optimization of the export products' structure. Meanwhile, technology output and the establishment of factories abroad will become the emphases of Zonda bus's current overseas development strategy"
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Through a close observation and understanding, the Syrian customer found out that several appointed models of Zonda "A" series passenger buses are specially designed to add some elements of the Mideast style, which also makes them more confident to choose Zonda as their long-term cooperation partner.
Hello M14

what do u mean by 'specially design to add some elements of the mideast style
they probably catered design to taste of mideast consumers
i knew that, but i am reffering to specifics, like bigger aircondionig, water cooler etc
Chinese bus maker sues German competitor, blogger for defamation

China Exclusive: Chinese bus maker sues German competitor, blogger for defamation

A Chinese bus maker has sued the German auto company Neoplan Bus GmbH, Neoplan's parent company and its marketing agency for libel, sources with the Chinese company told Xinhua on Thursday.

The Zhongwei Bus & Coach Group, based in the coastal city of Yancheng in east China's Jiangsu Province, claimed that the three defendants have seriously damaged their business reputation by irresponsibly claiming that Zhongwei's A9 bus was a "copycat design" of Neoplan's award-winning Starliner.

The defendants are Neoplan Bus GmbH, its parent MAN Nutzfahrzeuge AG and the online marketing agency Iven & Hillmann. They have been summonsed to appear at the Yancheng City intermediate court on July 17.

According to Ji Lijun, manager of Zhongwei's public relations department, the defendants "defamed Zhongwei at a press conference in Beijing last October in a totally irresponsible and unfair manner".

"We request them to stop defaming us and repair the damage done", said Ji.

Neoplan filed a suit at Beijing No.1 Intermediate People's Court on September 26, 2006, accusing Zonda Industrial Group, the parent company of Zhongwei, of copying the entire design of its Starliner bus.

Zonda denied the accusation, saying that the A9's design was original and had been granted a design patent by the state intellectual property administration.

"Neoplan held a press conference in the name of its parent company in Beijing on Oct. 19, 2006, before the court had made a ruling, and publicized their claim that the A9 had 'stolen' their design. Most press reports directly quoted Neoplan's accusation, greatly denigrating our product," Ji said.

The dispute was exacerbated by a blog linked to a Der Speigel story about the lawsuit. Hillmann from Iven & Hillmann company posted on the regional Autoblog on October 22 comments to the effect "this is a vivid example of how rapid and uninhibited the Chinese are when it comes to copying."

Ji said such comments not only hurt Zonda, but also the entire Chinese auto industry. "That's why we have decided to take them to court."

He added that the court should decide whether or not Zonda pirated the design and the defendants are not entitled to spread stories before a judgement is made.

Hillmann apologized on the blog on Jan. 5 and said he did not intend to hurt Sino-German relations, but he also questioned the legitimacy of the Yancheng local court to try
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:iagree: :rofl:
By the way:

Neoplan Starliner:

Zonda A9:

Any questions? :nono:


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Zonda bus launched in Ghana

"25 Zonda luxurious buses launched to Ghana on July 31,2007. At present, Zonda bus has exported to USA, Jordan, United Arab Emirates, Algeria, Egypt, Thailand, Vietnam, Bengal, Russia, etc. The total export number reached 2,000 units, meanwhile, each bus's price reaching as high as 650,000 yuan.

For the after service aspect, Zonda has established the reliable relationship with many African countries. Through establishing and perfecting Akkra's service network, Zonda bus will win more market share in Africa."

- -
: : : Zonda : : :

Our bus forum is missing a lot of information right now. To sort things out I will make a thread of each big Chinese bus manufacturer there is. Maybe it's easier then to post new information under these dedicated threads.



Company Brief:

"Zhongda Group,founded in 1994,has total assets of 2.0 billion RMB and more than 6900 staff,Up to now,its annual production capacity reaches 15,000 sets of large and medium sized passenger buses and 100,000 sets of industrial coating,auto repairing & testing and city automatic car washing equipment.As one of then top 500 enterprises among the industry of world automobile equipment and industrial coating,it annually builds more than 1 million square meters of steel construction projects,And,Zhongda international Holding Co.Ltd listed on main board in 2001,in Hong Kong.Zhongda brand,with brand value of RMB6.012 billion,ranked 92 in "2006 Top 500 Chinese Most Valued Brand held by the WBL.And,it's the Top3 among the Passenger bus industry.

Zhongda Group makes use of the excellent conformity ability of superiority resources and gradually forms a unitary strategic structure:Hong Kong Zhongda as the financing base,American Zhongda as the domestic sales center,Germany Zhongda as the technology center,Shanghai Zhongda as the domestic sales center and yancheng Zhongda as the manufacturing center Zhongda Group successively holds stocks and reforms many auto manufacturing enterprises,such as Yancheng Zhongda Zhongwei Bus Co.Ltd,Shanghai Zhongda Guanghui Bus Co.Ltd,Beijing Zhongda Yanjing Bus forms Zhongda auto system and the main competition party to anabasis in auto industry.

The group includes six industrial companies:auto manufacturing,financial investment,auto equipment,industrial coating,light steel structure engineering and builds many scientific research organizations,such as Institute of industry coating design,product research & development center,Tsinghua-Zhongda postdoctoral Scientific research workstation.And the group owns 29 independent filliales(factories) of different industries and nearly 350 out-resident sales subsidiaries and after-sale service stations around the world."


Founded: 1994

Workforce: 6900 employees

Capacity: 5000 units

Model line-up: Seven models: A9, B6, B7, A7, A5, A3, City Bus
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Zhongda to export vehicles to Armenia.

May 20, 2008 - China's Zhongda Bus officially delivered 55 units of its YCK6850HC2 buses to Armenia at a recent ceremony. The bus maker said this batch of new buses are powered by natural gas and are reputable for their environment friendly performance in China.

Zhongda said its entire bus lineup powered by natural gas, including YCK6850HC2, YCK6105HC and YCK6126HC, are developed by themselves. These types of buses reduce CO and S02 emissions by 90% and 70% respectively. It further lowers down CO2 emissions by 23%.

Zhongda Bus has established more than 350 distribution and service stations. Its buses are distributed throughout China, and are also exported to Asia-Pacific Region, Africa, Latin America, the Middle East, Australia and European Union.

Its parent company, Zhongda Group, was founded in 1994 and has total assets of 2.0 billion yuan ($286 yuan) and a staff of more than 6,900. Up to now, Zhongda Group's annual production capacity reaches 15,000 units of large and medium sized passenger buses and 100,000 sets of industrial coating, auto repairing & testing and city automatic car-washing equipment, according to its corporate website.
China busmaker compensates Neoplan for copying.

January 21, 2009 - Chinese bus-maker Zhongwei Bus & Coach Group has failed in a patent infringement lawsuit and is asked to pay more than 20 million yuan ($2.93 million) as compensation for Neoplan Bus GmbH, a subsidiary of Man Group, a Beijing-based newspaper reported Wednesday.

Zhongwei Bus, together with China bus maker Zhongda Auto Industrial Group, its parent compay and Zhongtong Bus Holding Co., its sales agent, were accused of copying the entire design of Neoplan’s Starliner bus and were asked to pay 40 million yuan for the financial losses it caused to Neoplan.

The Beijing First Intermediate People's Court has ruled that Zhongwei's A9 bus has too much in common with Neoplan's Starliner for the resemblance to be accidental. Zhongwei is required by the court to pay 21.16 million yuan in damages to Neoplan Bus and stop future production of A6 buses.

Zonda's bus has been on sale for more than three years, and some have been exported to Southeast Asian countries and to Eastern Europe, according to Zonda's website. The A9 is sold at about a third of the Starliner's price.
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Re: : : : Zonda : : :

aha chinese courts is getting better.this is good for china too
Re: : : : Zonda : : :

Is this company really stupid or something ?

Zonda Auto to appeal A9 Bus copyright ruling

January 23, 2009

Shanghai, January 23 ( Zonda Industrial Group said it will appeal the ruling of the bus copyright infringement lawsuit filed by German auto company Neoplan Bus GmbH, said, citing a Zonda executive.

Recently, several media reports said Zhongwei Bus & Coach Group, along with its parent company Zonda Industrial Group and its agent Beijing Zhongtong Xinghua Vehicle Sales Co., Ltd., were ordered to pay 20 million yuan ($2.92 million) in compensation to Neoplan after a Beijing court ruled that Zhongda's A9 bus was a copy of a Neoplan bus named Starliner.

A Zonda executive said the company had the R&D record and full patent of its A9 bus, which was definitely not a copycat of the German company's award-winning Starliner. "The Beijing court's verdict hasn't take effect and we have already appealed," he said.

The Chinese companies were also ordered to stop making and selling the A9 bus and to pay 1.16 million yuan in legal costs.

Some A9 buses had been exported to southeast Asian countries and to eastern Europe. The A9 bus was sold at about a third of the Starliner's price.

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Re: : : : Zonda : : :

what i found crazy is that zonda actually paid the 20 million, cudnt they of avoided it somehow?
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