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Zotye Auto and Soueast Motor have gotten their own forums

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here they are below

Soueast Motor

Zotye Auto

Thanks to all China car forums members.
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Thanks Admin!

So in your oppinion JAC (Jianghuai) does not deserve own forum at the moment?
JAC is in the middle right now... they seem to be outputting lots of cars like their g35 imitation just for publicity and other concepts, also i didn't like when they used the flipped lexus logo again just for publicity. I feel that they haven't found a real business identity yet. Also its hard to find info on them, i dont know if we could populate lots of articles or information on JAC.

Also, GONOW is also a confusing one, it does not deserve its own forum, but long ago, gonow export manager requested we make a forum which i did but now it seems he does post much more and therefore the subforum is dying. If gonow does not make big strides in the near future, i will put it under OTHER
I think the production version of the Jianghuai A138 looks pretty decent, and JAC got some really good looking concepts and plus they have a design centre in Italy as well.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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