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Zotye E200 small EV

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New small EV, to be available in two and four door versions (possibly badged E200A and E200B):

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Look that, in Jose C.Paz, a city of the Buenos Aires province in Argentina, they will put a factory of electric vehicles, incluided the Zotye E200. I've taken the photo from a newspaper and the advertisement says:
"The first electrical units will be used in the public transport and the comunal vehicles, ambulances and patrol cars. In this way, we will launch the Convention signed in China, for the set up of a plant of production and assembly of EV's. The initial investment is of US$ 300 million and 500 direct-form workers and 2.000 indirect-form workers. It's consolidated the "Intelligent City Project", that their first goal are the introduction of electric mobilite. Mayor Mario Ishii"


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1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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