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Zotye T700 & T800 SUV

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Production version of the T600 S Concept, acquiring the "T700" name after another project named T700 (Porsche Macan-lookalike) became SR8. Interesting to note that this car has departed very little from the concept's design.
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Re: Zotye T700 SUV

Nice design with proper sized wheels, I think. At least this isn't a clone.
Re: Zotye T700 SUV

Assembly precision...

RR ltd Co.,
While we can admire Zotye's brave foray into SUV competition with the big guys, let's hope they temper that ambition with better quality.
Also take note in No.6 and No.7 above, the not-so-durable looking door hinges.
I personally like the brawny look of the exterior of this model, but do the build materials match that look?
Re: Zotye T700 SUV

My coleagues from car forum ask me, how would look this car like in about 5 years, I mean, what's the total quality of it... Their opinion is that such car would land after 5 years of service straight on dump...
Zotye T700 L

Extended length T700 (L) with 7 seats, 16 cm longer than the current version but wheelbase remains the same.

The increase in length is hardly apparent in the MIIT pictures included in the article.
The customary comparison photo. Besides length, note that the A-pillars and consequently the front windows are different. T800 is on top.

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Zotye T800

T800 launched, in 6- and 7-seater form, with 5 variants each:
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