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Zotye to build Lancia Lybra

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That's what an article in Dutch Autoweek is saying:

Article mentions that Zoyte 2008 is a licenced copy of Daihatsu Terios. If I'm not mistaken, Chinese stole the design. So, can we assume that Chinese Lybra will also be an unlicensed product?
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According Zotye they bought the line for the Terios copy from Daihatsu Taiwan including the right to make the copy of the Terios. It is the same like the Toledo from Chery (Qiyun, Cowin) and the MG 7 from NAC-MAG, when you sell the line + the dies and everything to make a car you can expect that buying company is planning to make that car....
The Lybra sale is the same kind of sale, Fiat sells everything about the Lybra to Zotye, so they can expect Zotye to make Lybra's....
Zotye to display Lancia Lybra based models at Beijing auto show.

March 26, 2008 - Zotye Holding Group Co will unveil its own brand models built on technologies from discontinued Fiat models at next month's Beijing Auto Show, Xinhua News Agency reported.

Zotye Holding has bought from Fiat the assembly line and tooling and intellectual property rights for the Lancia Lybra by the middle of last year. Officials from both sides however, declined to give details about the transaction payment.

In the near future a 1.6-liter, Lancia Lybra will be produced under Zotye's brand in China.

According to Zotye officials, the company may go further to buy about ten other Fiat models in future, including Fiat Multipla, to reach its output target of 100,000 vehicles in 2008.

Zotye Holding was formed in 1992 in Yongkang City, Zhejiang province, as an automotive sheet metal supplier and entered the auto industry as of 2006. Currently it is expanding its main manufacturing base in Hunan for further expansion.

The company sold 31,577 units of its existing Zotye2008 vehicles during 2007. The automaker aims to sell 500,000 vehicles a year with sales revenue of RMB 50 billion ($7.1 billion) by 2012.
At least, something new about the Zotye/Lancia! I thaught it went down the drain like many things announced by Chinese manufacturers.

I hope they'll produce the late Multipla, not the odd-looking early one...
Well, we know now that the Lancia Lybra revival by Zotye is officially licenced by Fiat, as they bought the assemby line. Same goes for the Zotye Multipla. As Zotye is offering quite a range of vehicles, i would suggest to add them to the list of manufacturers with their own subfolder.

So - question is: They wanted to display this at the Bejing Motor Show. Any news, pics or comparable on that?!
To be honest, I don´t see any changes, neither inside nor inside thy Lybra. Not even minimal changes... this is badge engeneering in its purest form. :cool2:

But even if.. the car is a rolling classic in my eyes. You can´t do much wrong, when designing a car this way. The only thing i would have changed, was the Zotye badge on the steering wheel It obviously dosn´t belong there...
First picture of actual Zotye Lybra. It seems the car will not differentiate from Italian 'donor' at all.

Technical specs:
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Lancia Lybra an endless story?

hey there...

i am still watching the news on the Lybra. As the news about this car, it sales figures (is it on sale already?) or newer pics are rare, i look on these pics again and again and start to wonder, if it might have been the best idea, to pick the Lybra. It looked dated, when it was launched, and it does so now - ten years after its initial launch in Europe. :rolleyes:

Does anyone know, if they also use the complex rear suspension, made of aluminium? That was one of the key differences (besides the looks and the upstyle interiour), compared to its sister-models from fiat and alfa-romeo respectively, marea and 156.
If Fiat will sold them the 156 poject i will go by to foot to China ad have a new one...

by the way the engine are only gasoline or also the old diesel version?
No, the project seems completly stalled, after Zotye and Fiat broke up.
Joest said:
No, the project seems completly stalled, after Zotye and Fiat broke up.
Hello Joest:
Once again there never was a tie-up between Zotye and Fiat except for the transfer of rights to produce certain Fiat models. Please see Eric's comments on the previous page.

Note: Following a break up of its ties with the now defunct Nanjing Auto, Fiat has entered a venture with Guangzhou Auto which is now awaiting government approval.
I'm very well aware that Zotye and Fiat never had a joint-venture.

Yet, they made an agreement in which Fiat sold some tooling of discontinued models (like the Multipla and the Lybra) to Zotye. They also provided some technical help.

This thin relationship seems to have ended (because Zotye wants to build the Palio without Fiat's approval?)
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