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When the Fiat-Nanjing joint venture died last year, many were expecting Nanjing to produce their own branded Fiat Palio under the Soyat brand, however it looked like Fiat really did take all of its toys away from Nanjing and passed them onto Zotye.

Fiat and Zotye previously signed a deal to sell the first generation branded as the Zotye Multipla, Zotye unveiled the new Multipla at a recent car show but details of its sales date, or price have yet to reach China Car Times. Zotye also signed up the Lancia Lybra to boost its sales line up.

Now the latest model to hit the future Zotye line up is the Fiat Palio, which Nanjing and Fiat produced together until this year. Under the agreement, the Palio will be built in Zotye’s Changsha factory with an expected production date of Aug/Sept 2009 at the latest according to Zotye. Zotye are also working on building a new sales network, as their current network is based around selling a one model car only.

Zotye’s market position, with it selling one of the most popular SUV’s in China has given it a great cash reserve with which to buy in technology, a plan that looks set to give Zotye an impressive line up in 2009/2010. But the question lies unanswered, the Palio never sold particularly well under the Fiat branding towards the end, so will it sell any better under the Zotye branding? Well, perhaps, but only if its sold at a price thats right.

from China Car Times

NAC Fiat Palio:


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Re: Zotye to produce old Fiat Palio

Just as it did with the Terios, Zotye seems to make the best of what's available. And for now it's only got Jiangnan and the rights to these old Fiat designs.
Zotye go back to your old logo. THe Z is gauche.
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